Free things to do This Weekend

Free Things to Do on the Weekend

Ahhh the weekend. Time to relax and do something fun. Maybe you can try out that new restaurant you’ve heard so much about, or go see the new Marvel movie! Except… you’re broke. Like, really broke. Or maybe you’re just trying to save some extra money or trying a no-spend weekend. Well don’t worry! There are plenty of great things things to do that are free or cost very little. Here is a list of 47 free things to do on the weekend!

47 Free Things to Do on the Weekend

I’ve broken them down by category, depending on your mood (and the local weather). There are things to do at home, things to do outside, and also lots of free ways to have fun out on the town! So don’t worry if you’re broke! There are so many free things to do on the weekend! Enjoy your fun (and free) weekend adventure!

23 Free Things to Do At Home

These are all things that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

  • Read a book

  • Watch a movie

  • Look for free items on Craigslist

  • Do yoga

  • Invite friends over

  • Have a potluck

  • Play video games

  • Paint

  • Set goals for the upcoming week

  • Rearrange furniture

  • Redecorate a room

  • Bake

  • Read a magazine

  • Call a friend or family member

  • Write a letter

  • Take a bubble bath

  • Give yourself a mani pedi

  • Make a craft

  • Host a game night

  • Try a new recipe

  • Listen to a podcast

  • Make homemade pizza

  • Do a puzzle

7 Free Outdoors Activities

Get outside and get moving!

Head outside and get some fresh air!

  • Explore a local park

  • Have a picnic

  • Go on a walk

  • Try out a new running trail

  • Go hiking

  • Take a bike ride

  • Organize a game with friends (flag football, kickball, etc)

17 Free Things to Do Out on the Town

Most museums have free days.

There are plenty of free things to do in your community if you know where to look.

  • Peruse the library

  • Visit a farm

  • Walk around an orchard

  • Look on your local community calendar for events

  • Check out a free festival

  • Go visit family and friends

  • Visit your local pet rescue organization

  • Check out a museum on free admission day

  • Visit an art gallery on free admission day

  • Tour local landmarks

  • Go to the dog park

  • People watch at your local mall

  • Tour a historical house

  • Test drive a new car

  • Browse your local antique shop

  • Check out garage sales

  • Go to an open house

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