How to beat the post-Disney blues

How to Beat the Post Disney Blues

There is nothing better than that wonderful, indescribable feeling of being in the Disney parks. But when vacation is over and you head home, cold hard reality crashes back in on you. The Post-Disney blues are a real thing. And if you’re anything like me, they never really go away! They just get better and then get worse, depending on what else is going on in life.

I miss Disney all the time. That little ache is always there. Sometimes just nagging in the back of my head, and sometimes it grips me with a wave of homesickness and I cry cry cry. 

Of course the best solution would be to plan an impromptu weekend getaway to Disney, right? Just throw some things in a suitcase, jet off for the weekend and soak up the parks for a couple of days. Wouldn’t that be nice! 

It’s not very doable though. At least, not for me. If you have the ability to do that, good for you! Please go and send me pictures so I can live vicariously through you!

For the rest of us though, short of traveling across the country every weekend (a girl can dream, right?), what can you do to heal your aching heart when all it wants is Disney parks? 

I’m going to share with you my favorite ways to make myself feel better when the post-Disney blues hit. Because sometimes, you just need a dose of Disney to get you through the day.

5 ways to beat the Disney blues

5 Things to do When the Post-Disney Blues Hit

Every Disney parks fan knows the feeling and has a different way of dealing with it. These are MY favorite things to do when I need a Disney parks fix.

Watch Disney Vlogs

Watch Disney vlogs

After we got back from our first family trip to Disney World, I got hit with the Post-Disney blues SO HARD. 

Honestly, I wondered what was wrong with me. 

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it was super intense and I didn’t know what to do with myself. 

So I got online, and that’s when I discovered Disney vlogs. 

Disney vlogs are the ultimate way to live vicariously through other people’s Disney trips. Seriously. And there is something for everyone. You can find 1 hr+ vlogs of people essentially just filming their day in the parks. There are ride POVs (point of view), fireworks, stage shows, anything you can think of. Feeling hungry? I love DIsney food reviews and roundups!! Just make sure you have a snack, because you will definitely want it.

Disney vlogs are still my favorite way to decompress. I just pour myself a drink, put on some Disney vlogs, and drift away to the Most Magical Place on Earth. And more often than not, I cry. Maybe it’s a little cathartic. And it’s the closest you’ll get to being in the parks on your own couch.

A couple of months after our Disneyland trip, me and my 10 year old daughters were watching a Disneyland vlog and the camera panned past the monorail entrance in Downtown Disney. It was a totally random shot, but all three of us burst into tears at exactly the same moment. Sheesh. It was so ridiculous and we started laughing at each other through our sobs. So, you know, be prepared for the emotional onslaught.

Listen to Music from the Disney Parks

Listen to music from the Disney theme parks

Discovering that I could listen to music from the Disney parks AT HOME was also a game changer for me. Just knowing that I can recreate a little piece of that special Disney magic in my own home whenever I want…. Well, it means the world to me. 

You can find any Disney parks music loop that you want to listen to online. Try Youtube or Spotify. There’s even an app called Subsonic Radio that offers different themed streams from the parks.

I have to tell you, I enjoy cleaning my house so much more when I’m listening to band music from Main Street, or tropical tunes from the Tangaroa Terrace. 

Sense memories are amazing. Just hearing that music can really transport you right back to your favorite place.

Smell Disney Scents

Disney smells evoke strong emotional memories

Speaking of sense memories, did you know that Disney pipes out different smells all over the parks and in the rides?

It’s part of the rich attention to details that make the parks so wonderfully immersive. 

Now I think there are a couple of different companies that put out versions of their favorite scents, but my favorite is Magic Candle Company. They have recreated so many different smells from the Disney parks and they are amazing. They have candles, essential oils, wax melts, and more. I love their essential oils! I put them in a diffuser and my whole place smells like Disney! People will ask what the wonderful smell is, and when I tell them that it is, for instance, the scent from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (which is one of my favorites), they look at me like I’ve lost my mind. Which I have. I’m crazy for Disney.

You can read my review of Magic Candle Company here.

Plan a Disney Vacation

Plan your next Disney vacation

What to do when you want to go on vacation to Disney? Plan a vacation to Disney!

Now, you can actually start planning your next Disney trip, or you can just play a little make believe. 

I actually price out Disney trips all the time. I start by checking google flights and looking ahead for cheap flights. Then I check the Disney website for available hotel rooms, add on tickets, dining plans, etc. I price out extravagant vacations and I price out bare bones vacations. I find this all unexplainably satisfying.

Sometimes I think about where I would eat each day. I have lists of all the food I would like to try at Disneyland and Disney World. To be honest, I would like to try all the food at all the Disney parks. I love to eat. And I love Disney.

When you’re missing Disney, daydream! Go crazy! Plan out your dream vacation. Give yourself a budget and challenge yourself to plan the best vacation you can within that budget. Drift away into fantasies of Mickey pretzels and Space Mountain.

Visit a Disney Store

Find a little Disney magic at your local Disney store

My first visit to my local Disney store after we came back from our first Disney World trip confirmed it. I had completely lost my mind. 

I started tearing up in the stupid store. Not for any particular reason.

I just got in there, and there was Disney stuff everywhere, and they were playing Disney music, and I just lost it. It brought me right back to our trip, and to browsing in gift shops with my daughters, discovering delightful little things. I almost never cried in public until Disney [shakes fist]. Just being in the store was emotionally overwhelming and I had to leave. 

I still get emotional when I go to the Disney Store, but I’m used to it now. And I don’t mind so much anymore. It’s worth it.

So if you desperately need a little official Disney, I strongly suggest that you head to your local Disney store and just soak it all in. And maybe bring an extra tissue or two.

The Best Cure for the Post-Disney Blues

There you have it. My 5 favorite ways to beat the Post-Disney Blues. And it just proves that the best cure for the Post-Disney Blues is Disney itself. You can bring a bit of the magic home in so many ways.

  1. Watch Disney Vlogs
  2. Listen to Disney Parks Music
  3. Smell Disney Scents
  4. Plan a Disney Vacation
  5. Visit a Disney Store

What’s the best way to avoid the post-Disney blues? Move to Disney of course! Click here to read about my family’s decision to do just that.

8 thoughts on “How to Beat the Post Disney Blues”

  1. In MCO right now reading this and watching the people arrive with their anticipation and smiles and I cant get any more jealous.
    Going to skip a year and hopefully plan a trip for early 2022 for my 50th bday. I guess it’s never too early to start thinking about it!

    1. I can just imagine the scene! I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about the excitement and happiness.
      And yes, jealous too!
      I’ll be there in 3 months though, so I just have to hang on till then 😀

  2. I have the Disney blues right now and I’ve been on Disney+ watching all of the classics… I think it’s making it worse! Lol i need to make another quick trip over to Disneyland, its the only cure!

  3. I agree with the watching vlogs tip! My kiddos are obsessed with watching all the videos of the park rides and parades. It always gets me in the mood to plan our next park visit (fingers crossed for October!)

  4. Oh my gosh…I had NO idea there was a company that made Disney candles! My daughter would LOOOOOVVVVEEEE these! I am totally going to check them out.
    We’re huge Disney fans. I gave her (and myself) the Keys to the Kingdom tour when she turned 16. 🙂
    Thankfully, we live only about an hour away, so we can run over to visit our pals often.

    1. Their scents are amazing!!! My favorite so far is the Polynesian.
      I am moving to Florida this summer! I can’t wait to be closer to Disney, and that tour is definitely on my to-do list

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