Where to find Disney Theme Park Music Online

How to Listen to Disney Parks Music at Home

If you’ve ever been to a Disney park, you may have noticed that there is ALWAYS music playing. And the music that is playing in each area of the park is themed to that area. Whether you’re touring the world in Epcot or bopping around Adventure land, the music matches the mood. If only there was a way to listen to Disney theme park background music and audio AT HOME.

Well, good news! You CAN! Check out some of the best ways to listen to Disney music even when you are thousands of miles away from the parks. Listen to the sounds of Mainstreet while you’re cleaning the kitchen. Let the tropical tunes of Adventureland wash over you while you’re relaxing on your porch.

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Where to Find Disney Theme Parks Music Online

Listening to audio from the theme parks is one of my favorite things to do when I miss Disney. Here are the best places online to find music and audio from the Disney parks to listen to at home.

Online Radio Stations

Online radio stations that are dedicated to Disney parks music.

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Subsonic Radio

Subsonic Radio has more than 10 separate streams going at any time, including one just for requests. It has a huge selection of Disney Theme Parks audio tracks. AND there is an app available.

D Park Radio

D Park Radio has theme park music 24/7, as well as merchandise and live streaming webcams.


WDWNTunes is part of the larger WDW News Today website, which is one of the most successful Disney Parks themed sites out there. They have 24/7 streaming audio as well as live shows from the parks.

Sorceror Radio

Sorceror Radio has all Disney music, all day long. Offers 4 different channels for music and different broadcast schedules for every day of the week.

Youtube Channels

There are a TON of channels on Youtube that have Disney theme park audio. However, these are channels that PRIMARILY have Disney music loops. 

There's no parade like a Disney parade

Disney Dreaming

Disney Dreaming has audio loops from Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Just so you know, all of their videos are older, so they may not be the most up-to-date music loops from the parks.

DLR Sounds

DLR Sounds has music loops from the different areas of Disneyland Resort

The Disney NationTM

The Disney NationTM has music from all over Walt Disney World.

Disney’s Park BGM Channel

Disney’s Park BGM Channel includes a bunch of music from the overseas Disney parks as well as the ones in the United States.

Music on Amazon

Is Amazon more your speed? Here are some Disney theme park music collections available to buy on Amazon.

Disney World and Disneyland Music

Overseas Disney Parks Music

Do you know of a Disney theme park audio source that needs to be on this list? Let me know and I will add it to the list!

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