A review of Magic Candle Company

Magic Candle Company Review

Have you ever gotten a whiff of something and been instantly transported to a strong memory? Studies have shown that smells are strongly linked to memories, especially emotional memories. Magic Candle Company takes advantage of this to trigger memories of a place that is rife with nostalgia: Disney World.

The Disney Parks are wonderfully immersive and part of that immersive experience is the SMELLS. The smells of rides, the smells of resorts, the smells of food….

Disney-inspired scents are one of my top ways to nurse a Disney hangover. And my FAVORITE source for wonderful Disney-inspired scents is Magic Candle Company.

If you love Disney, you have to check this company out. It is perfect for any Disney Parks fan and it truly has something for everyone.

Magic Candle Company Review

About Magic Candle Company

About a year and a half ago I discovered the Magic Candle Company and I haven’t looked back. I stumbled onto their website and was instantly sucked in. Magic Candle Company is a small business that sells a variety of Disney-inspired scent-infused products. They are located in Orlando, FL, and most of their scents are based on Disney World attractions and locations.

What They Offer

Magic Candle Company offers an insane variety of scent blends. There’s something for EVERYONE. From Polynesian to Banshee Flight to Pineapple Whip, you are guaranteed to find something that stirs up wonderful memories of your favorite Disney vacations. The hardest part for me is always deciding which scent I want to try next! 

What’s your favorite way to consume delicious smells? They probably have a corresponding product. They offer:

  • Wood wick Candles (8oz and 14 oz)
  • Room Spray
  • Wax Melts
  • Fragrance Oils
  • Air Freshener
  • Fragrance Plugs
  • Shower Melts
  • Bath Fizzies
  • Bubble bath
  • Electric Warmers (to use with the wax melts and fragrance oils)
  • Gift cards (which make perfect presents for your local Disney fanatic)
Magic Candle Company offers a variety of Disney-scented bath products

Subscription Box

Magic Candle Company also offers a subscription box called the Magic Fragrance Box. For $25 a month (plus shipping) you get a box with an 8oz candle, 4oz room spray, wax melt, and air freshener. Those products together would normally cost $48, so that’s almost a 50% savings! And if you don’t like the fragrance for that month, you can return the unopened products and get a new scent. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

My Recommendation

Note – I have only ever tried their oil blends. I really want to try the candles because they use wood wicks and I LOVE wood wick candles! But the oils smell AMAZING and I use them with diffusers to keep my house smelling great!

To be honest, I haven’t loved every scent that I’ve tried. Some just don’t do it for me. Specifically, I did not like the following:

  • Haunted – This is one of their most popular scents, but I just didn’t like it at all. It smelled artificial to me.
  • PhilharMonic Champagne – This one is way too sweet for me. My kids like it though.

My Favorites

Mostly I have really enjoyed the scents that I have tried. These are my favorites so far:

  • Little Old Christmas Shop – Citrus, pine, balsam, cedar, apple, and musk. This is the perfect Christmas scent. If I could make a smell that encapsulates the best of Christmas this would be it.
  • Polynesian – Green tea, citrus, and bamboo. This is light and refreshing and whenever I use it and people come over they invariably ask me what that wonderful smell is.
  • Mine Train – Vanilla, musk, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, and orange. I don’t know what it is about this one, but it’s very comforting and homey and soothing. 
  • Tiki Terrace – Lemon, coconut, orchid, cedar, and vanilla musk. This is a great summer relaxation scent. It smells like I’m at some tropical resort laying on the beach and sipping Mai Tais.
Fireworks over Cinderella Castle at night

When you go check out their site, make sure you have a good hour to explore all of the scent blends. Because you WILL get lost in the variety. No matter what tickles your fancy at Disney, Magic Candle Company has a scent that will appeal to you and kick up those nostalgic memories.

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