Feb 2020 Update: Moving to Disney World

Moving to Disney Update – February 2020

We’re going to Disney! But this time… we’re not coming back. That’s right, we’re moving to Disney World!

We are going to move across the country in the summer of 2020, from Colorado to Florida. We are heading to the Orlando area. And yes, it is because we want to be close to Disney.

We’re packing up 5 people, 3 cats, and everything we own and driving for 3 days to a brand new place! 

Here is our February 2020 update on our move to Disney World. And I have to say, it’s not very exciting. 

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Planning for the Move

We are in a weird kind of limbo. My husband is still trying to line up a job in Florida and there’s not much we can do until that is all set.

Now that we are through the craziness of the holidays it seems like summer is a hundred times closer all of a sudden. I’m ready to go already and also mildly panicked about the logistics of the move.

And I’m leaning heavily on my “Disney-blues coping strategies.”

Decluttering and Downsizing

I am hyper-aware of the fact that we will be moving soon, which makes it really easy for me to NOT buy things. There is almost zero temptation. It’d be nicer if it worked on my kids too.

One piece of advice that I have heard over and over again is to purge purge purge. So I have been mentally cataloging what I want to get rid of before we go. 

Actually, as time goes by I find myself thinking less about what I want to get rid of and more mentally pulling out the things that I really want to KEEP. 

I think next month I am going to start actively decluttering. My goal is to bring as little as possible. My biggest sticking point? Definitely going to be my books. They’re my little babies! I can’t just toss them onto the street!

The less we have, the cheaper the move, right? A lot of our stuff would be cheaper to replace than to pay to move. And how much of it do we even need? We can sleep on the floor. (Just kidding, we’re bringing the beds. But we are NOT bringing the couch, which is old and stained and ripped up anyway. Did I mention we have three cats?)

Research, Research, Research

I am still doing tons of research, some of it probably unnecessary. Do I really need to be on Zillow EVERY DAY?

Probably not, but it makes me feel more prepared. And, let’s be honest, it’s fun.

Getting the Kids Ready to Move

So my oldest two, the twins, are in 5th grade this year. This means that everyone in their class is abuzz with middle school chat and the local schools had counselors come in last week to give a presentation and pass out info sheets and help the kids start to think about what classes they are going to take next year.

It’s bumming the girls out a bit. We don’t know where they will be attending school next year, so I think they feel a little adrift. Plus of course, they are going to miss their friends! Luckily one of their friends is also going to be moving over the summer so they were able to hang out with her during the presentations and commiserate. 

Winter – I’m Over It

Winter has been excruciating this year! I told my husband, only half-joking, that I had been thinking about Florida so much that when the temperature started dropping last fall my body got super confused and pissed off. I have found the cold weather especially intolerable this year. 

Luckily,  the whole first part of winter was fairly mild. 

However! Now the tides have turned and it has been cold and snowing for a couple of weeks. And I am OVER IT.

That’s really about it. I have extensive lists of things to do, but it’s not really anything I can start this far out or until we have more concrete plans.  Hopefully next month I’ll have more exciting news – fingers crossed!

Until then, send me your Florida pictures to help me cope!

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