Almost 100 Things to do This Winter

Ultimate Winter Bucket List

I have to be honest with you. Winter is my least favorite season. I find that the reality often doesn’t quite live up to the hype. Of course, I do not particularly enjoy cold weather. So what’s a chilly gal to do? Move to Florida! Which I am doing, but that’s another story.

In the meanwhile, I can still appreciate the spirit of the season. All I need to do is savor the little moments instead of getting lost in the chaos and hustle that always seems to gets worse this time of year. 

How? By making time for seasonal activities.

Ultimate list of ideas to get you through the winter.

Winter is the perfect time to settle back, enjoy some of the little things in your life, and reach out to reconnect with friends and family. Even if you live somewhere warm year-round, you can still enjoy a lot of traditional winter activities. Here are almost 100 ideas for your winter bucket list!

100 Fun Winter Activity Ideas

Stay Cozy at Home when It's Cold Outside

Winter is the perfect time to stay in and snuggle! When all you want to do is hunker down in your cozy home, try one of these great winter activities:

  • Decorate your house

  • Read a book by the fire

  • Write a winter-themed short story

  • Put a puzzle together

  • Brainstorm a new year’s resolutions list

  • Have a campout in the living room

  • Decorate your kid’s room with twinkling lights

  • Sit by a window and watch the snowfall

  • Send a handwritten letter

  • Have a pajama day

  • Declutter and organize your closet

  • Create a winter playlist

  • Read by the fire

  • Plan for the new year

  • Learn a new card game

  • Write a letter to Santa

  • Take a bubble bath

  • Start a journal

Winter Food and Drink

Wintery food and drink

Cold weather food and drinks are all about warmth and comfort. Check out some of these delicious ideas:

  • Make homemade soup

  • Bake homemade bread

  • Try out a new recipe with seasonal produce

  • Bake a pie

  • Make hot chocolate from scratch

  • Bake cookies

  • Make chili

  • Brew mulled wine

  • Drink hot spiced apple cider

  • Make homemade gingerbread

Connect with Other People

Re-connect with your loved ones during the holidays.

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, take some time out of your life to reach out to the people around you and reaffirm your connection.

  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter or food kitchen

  • Decorate an elderly person’s home

  • Host a cookie making party

  • Throw a white elephant gift exchange

  • Help with a food drive

  • Donate socks and blankets to a local homeless shelter

  • Host a holiday movie night

  • Organize a winter brunch

  • Make cookies to deliver to friends and family

  • Have a holiday karaoke party

  • Put on a family holiday play

  • Donate toys

  • Organize a secret Santa gift exchange

  • Invite friends over for a game night

  • Play pin the tail on Rudolph

Get Crafty - Winter-Themed Arts and Crafts

Try out some winter themed crafts.

Throw your need for perfection out the window and tap into your creative side this winter.

  • Decorate your own ornaments

  • Craft a stained glass window

  • Make a pine cone wreath

  • Decorate a gingerbread house

  • Draw snowflakes

  • Make salt dough ornaments

  • Decorate sugar cookies

  • Paint a winter scene

  • String popcorn for the tree

  • Start a scrapbook

  • Make paper snowflakes

  • Knit a scarf

  • Make a Christmas countdown

Outdoor Winter Fun

Get outside and have fun!

Bundle up and head outside for some exhilarating fun!

  • Build a snowman

  • Go ice skating

  • Shovel a neighbor’s driveway

  • Make snow angels

  • Put up outdoor lights

  • Go sledding

  • Have a snowball fight

  • Make snow drawings with food dye

  • Go caroling

  • Organize a family football game

  • Go on a winter nature walk

  • Have a bonfire

  • Do an outdoor winter photoshoot

  • Catch snowflakes on your tongue

  • Make snow angels

  • Take a walk in the snow

  • Go stargazing

Winter Adventure

Go on a winter adventure.

If you are the adventurous type, try some of these cool winter-specific adventure ideas.

  • Try ice fishing

  • Go dog sledding

  • Rent a cozy cabin for a weekend getaway

  • Take a quick trip somewhere warm to get a break from the cold 

  • Go skiing/snowboarding/snowshoeing

  • Build an igloo

  • Visit a natural hot spring (or outdoor hot tub)

  • Participate in a polar bear plunge

  • Go on a sleigh ride

  • Have a bonfire

Out on the Town

Go look at some Christmas lights.

If you get tired of sitting at home, head out for a fun winter day (or night) on the town.

  • Drive around and look at other people’s seasonal decorations

  • Go bowling

  • Attend a production of the nutcracker ballet

  • Visit a museum

  • Try a new restaurant

  • Take a cooking class

  • Explore an old fashioned Christmas market

  • See a play

  • Go ice skating

  • Visit an indoor pool and go swimming

  • Go tree shopping at a tree farm

  • Visit the aquarium

A lot of people suffer from depression and mood swings in the winter. Click here to read about my favorite ways to reboot your mood.

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