Why you should visit Walt Disney World

Why You Should Visit Walt Disney World

Did you know that over 52 million people go to Walt Disney World every year? That’s A LOT. Even if you aren’t one of them, odds are, you’ve at least THOUGHT about taking a trip to Walt Disney World. 

But… something’s holding you back. Crowds? Yuck. And it is EXPENSIVE. Maybe your kids are just too young to appreciate it. Maybe you don’t have kids and it seems weird to go to Disney World as an adult. 

And anyway, it can’t possibly live up to all the hype, right? RIGHT??

Incorrect sir. It is that great! It’s worth the money! And Disney is AMAZING no matter how old (or young) you are. 

Top reasons why you should visit disney world

I never thought that I would take my kids to Disney because it was so expensive and I felt like we could take better vacations if we were going to drop that much money on a trip. 

Then my family was offered the opportunity to tag along on a family member’s trip to Orlando. All we had to pay for was park tickets and food. Well! I couldn’t pass that up. So I started saving and planning for what I thought would be our only Disney trip ever. So young, so naive…

That trip changed our lives. Not to be melodramatic, but… we fell in love. And we fell HARD. If you get it, then you get it, but otherwise… I guess it sounds silly. But Disney World was AMAZING, so magical, and by far the best time we had ever had together as a family. 

Probably every Disney fan knows some poor jaded person who rolled their eyes when you gushed about Disney…

But then they went themselves…. And it was really everything you said it was and more. It’s called the Most Magical Place on Earth for a reason. It is pure magic.

If you are trying to put together your pack list, check out this post on the 9 things you HAVE to bring with you to Disney World.

Why You Should Plan a Trip to Walt Disney World

There are so many things that make Disney such a magical vacation destination and everyone you ask is going to have their own personal favorite thing. But there are some foundational things that I think most people would include on their list of reasons why Walt Disney World is one hundred percent the best most amazing place to be ever.

Walt Disney World is Huge

There is a boardwalk and matching themed resort hotel within walking distance of Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Disney World is gigantic. It sits on almost 40 square miles (that’s about the size of San Francisco). There are 4 different theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios,  Animal Kingdom, and Epcot), 2 water parks, golf courses (regular-sized and mini), more than 25 resort hotels, campgrounds, stables, and of course Disney Springs (a shopping district with tons of restaurants, stores, and even a movie theater).

There is so much to do! You can pick and choose the ideal vacation for you and your family. I could happily stay there for an entire month (or 12) and never get bored. There really is something for everyone.

World-Class Entertainment

There's no parade like a Disney parade

Disney entertainment is world-class and most of it is including in the cost of admission to the parks (except for a few things like the Cirque de Soleil show in Disney Springs). There are parades and fireworks and stage shows and more. All of it is exceptional. The people who work on these shows, on stage, and behind the scenes, are the best at what they do. 

And nothing will make you happy-cry like a Disney fireworks show.

Details, Details, Details

The big difference between a Disney park and any other theme park is the immersive theming. 

The detail put into everything will blow your mind. Nothing is forgotten. Even the bathrooms are special. Have you seen the Tangled bathrooms??

Disney is all about the immersive experience. We’re talking sight, sound, smell… everything is thought of. You really can lose yourself entirely in a fantasy world. 

Cast Members

Disney could never be what it is without the vast number of people who work there. Disney cast members (yes, they are called cast members, not employees) are amazing. The people who work in the Disney parks love Disney and love being a part of the magic. And they really make a huge difference in your vacation experience. So please be nice to them!


Epcot is my favorite part of Disney World

World Showcase in Epcot is my personal favorite part of the parks. Where else can you visit 11 countries in a day? It can be a little boring for kids but look for the Kidcot Fun Stops in each country. They have special activities just for kids to do. 

If you like to eat, you will love Epcot. The variety of food in this park alone is breathtaking.

Epcot bonus: There are 4 different festivals throughout the year with special entertainment and presentations and booths selling special food and drinks… they are unique and amazing and a boatload of fun.


I’ll be honest, the food at Disney World is expensive. It’s true. But it’s not more expensive than any other theme park and the variety of cuisine offered is breathtaking. There is something for every palette. They have the normal chicken strips and pizza, but they also have world-class restaurants and everything in between. If you are interested in exploring the depths of Disney World’s culinary options check out the Disney Food Blog.


Meeting characters is a fun part of the Disney experience

I have a confession to make. I never used to get the whole character thing. It seemed corny and a little bizarre. But there is nothing so magical as watching your kids meet their idols. And there are many more than just Mickey Mouse and princesses. Don’t forget that Disney now owns Marvel and Star Wars. If you think you’re too old for characters, try coming face to face with Kylo Ren or Darth Vader, or striking a pose with Captain America. 

But don’t skip Mickey! You have to pay homage to the OG.

What really makes Disney so magical? I don’t know. It’s indescribable. But I know that I love it. It feels like home. And life is too short to analyze why we love the things we love. My family and I will happily go over and over and over again (in fact, we love it so much we are MOVING there). 

Have I convinced you? See ya real soon!

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